Sonntag, 23. August 2009

Beautiful America

This year we spent our vacations in Canada and in the USA and
we really enjoyed it.

In recent years we often travelled with christian groups, but this time
we were on our own.
Maybe it wouldn't be easy to drive 6000 km, searching the hotels, talking English (uli)
all the time ...
but we knew God on our side.

He gave us words to trust in HIM, before we started and on the trip.
Most of them had to do with Jesus/ the LORD as a rock.

In Canada are many rocks- the Rocky Mountains of course. When we saw them,
we could always remember Jesus.

Even when our car was damaged by little stones, we trusted Jesus to help us and he did.
The one time we got a new car and the other time the car window didn't break through until the end of our trip.
Jesus showed us the beauty of his nature and we really enjoyed it.

For two weeks we did a round trip starting in Calgary driving down to the Waterton National Park, crossing the border, driving through Montana to Wyoming where we visited the Yellowstone National Park, driving back north to the Glacier National Park and on to Banff.
Then we went to B.C. where we stayed on the Red Willow Guest Ranch for 5 days.
All in all a great vacation.
Thank you Jesus for guiding us, for encouraging and protecting us!

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