Freitag, 20. August 2010

What if...?!

Dieses Gedicht habe ich irgendwann letztes Jahr geschrieben,
als mir mein Leben vorkam wie eine unendliche Wüste
und wo Gott mir gezeigt hat, dass auch Wüstentage ihre
Berechtigung haben... :)

What if

your destiny is
to be a flower
in the desert

waiting for blooming
within hard circumstances

hard conditions to grow:
less rain
much sun
hot days cold nights

with nothing but sand
surrounding you

What if

this is the place
God planted you into?

could you say
to your place?

or would you try
to plant yourself
into another place

maybe where soil
is more fruitable?

do you believe
God gives you
everything you need?

even in the desert?

you should
think about it
and ask God

if you’re unsure
about your place

and then ask him
to give you his peace

and you should
never forget

that God loves you
with an everlasting love!

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